Aerobics 2018

Team Page

Syndal South prides itself on giving as many opportunities for students as possible. One of the extra activities that are offered at Syndal South Primary School is the Aerobic Program.

Selections are held in late February each year for the new Syndal South Aerobic Squad. The squad is made up of teams including boys and girls.

The children then begin the hard work:

  • Routines to learn
  • Rhythm refined
  • Dedication
  • Team Spirit
  • Practice, practice and more practice

All the effort is demonstrated in their professional performances at the Preliminary Finals, State and National Aerobic championships.

Syndal South has entered aerobics for the last 19 years with fantastic results. At State Championships teams going to the National Championships teams have been in the first three places. Over the last five years we have been Australian Champions in either the boys’ section or the girls’ section. In 2012, twelve teams will participate in the School Aerobics competition series.

The program is a positive one that promotes:

  • Increased physical activity.
  • Increased co-ordination.
  • Heightened self esteem.
  • Public speaking opportunities.
  • Positive attitude towards school.
  • Team participation.
  • Many children have access.
  • Opportunity to travel interstate.