EAL Program

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The EAL Program supports students who are learning English as an additional language at Syndal South. These may be students who were born in Australia and have spoken another language in their home or students who have come from overseas. Often students join the program after returning from Blackburn English Language School.

Students work in small groups with a teacher to develop their speaking and listening skills in English. Students with varying language backgrounds work together to practice oral language using hands on materials and explicit teaching. We use a range of strategies to engage students in learning English. This includes stories, pictures, role play, games, puzzles, cooking, craft, and ICT.

Students learn about events throughout the year and develop vocabulary about colours, shapes, body parts, food and everyday experiences in Australia. We regularly photograph activities to provide a prompt for students to talk about and practice language. Students visit the EAL centre (located in the school library) once or twice per week. This supportive small group setting allows the students to interact with each other and the teacher and ask questions to develop the vocabulary required for learning. The EAL teachers work closely with the classroom teachers to ensure that all students are acquiring vocabulary and becoming confident learners in the regular classroom environment.