Year 1/2

Year 1 & 2

Year 1 / 2 are multi age classes where students are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own learning. They are supported to set learning goals and to reflect on their achievements. Students develop their capacity to follow directions, identify needs and find solutions. They improve their learning by offering assistance to, and by seeking assistance from peers. They also become aware of their own contribution to a positive learning environment.

In the classroom, tasks are structured with a definite end-point so that both independence and interdependence are encouraged and developed amongst students. Independence relates to students managing tasks according to instructions and within time limits while interdependence focuses on the importance of giving, seeking and receiving support with learning. Through the use of tools such as graphic organizers and anchor charts and digital tools, students are immersed in language to further develop their literacy and numeracy skills. Students participate in fun and engaging literacy and numeracy games that support their daily learning tasks.

At Syndal South, active learning is encouraged through the inquiry approach which facilitates deep thinking and intrinsic motivation. To build their sense of identity and belonging, students develop an awareness and acceptance of other students and cultures within the school and local community. They investigate what is in their local community and participate in a community walk to Mt Waverley Village. A highlight for many students at this level is the opportunity to be involved in the Year 2 Sleepover, in preparation for the Year 3 offsite camps.