Year 5/6

Year 5 & 6

Students in Year 5/6 are given more opportunities to make choices about how they learn and apply their knowledge in authentic learning contexts across broader range of learning situations. Students become more aware that secondary school is the next stage in their learning journey and students are encouraged and expected to take more responsibility for their learning and their contribution to the school community. Year 6 students all have a leadership role to perform such as School Captains, House and Vice Captains, Environmental Leaders and Music Captains. Whilst Year 5 students participate in our engaging Buddy Program, where they mentor a Foundation student as they settle into their first year of schooling.

In the classroom, the Socratic program enhances the literacy program by allowing students to research, evaluate arguments and express their ideas within a supportive environment. In mathematics, students are extended with individualized work programs and explicit instruction. Year 5/6 students continue their proficient use of Google Drive to store their work and have numerous opportunities to extend their digital skills through creating and collaborating with laptops, iPads and the BYO iPad Program.

Highlights of the Year 5/6 year include an offsite camp, choir, drumming and inter-school sports and the opportunity to co-create the school’s digital magazine. In addition, many students in Year 5/6 are members of the SSPS Aerobic Teams which enjoy an outstanding reputation, having won numerous Australian titles. Students can also be involved in the Solar Car and Boat competition which compete at State Level each year and the School’s Spectacular Choir.

The inquiry-based approach continues to integrate many subject areas and provide opportunities for enrichment through critical and creative thinking activities designed to develop higher order thinking skills and extend each child’s questioning capacity. Students expand their knowledge of the national and global community with a particular focus on collaborative and participative team skills.