• At Syndal South Primary School we offer a comprehensive Physical Education program with a strong emphasis on developing the fundamental movement skills across all year levels. Through Physical Education classes, the students gain exposure to a wide variety of skills that are developed and refined for use in both minor and major sports.

    Students at Syndal South develop a positive and natural inclination towards physical activity and sport. A unique community fitness program at Syndal South is the Joggers Club. The club operates before school each week day morning, with participants jogging, walking and running their way around our 1km ‘Federation Circuit,’ complete with fitness stations and wetlands areas. The club is proving to be a wonderful way of fostering community spirit and promoting the fitness of the children, their families and staff at the school. As well as being able to mix socially while on the ‘run’, the staff and parents participating are portraying ideal role models for our children. The program also teaches the children goal setting and helps them achieve fitness levels at their own rate.

    You can find more information about our P.E activities from our P.E teacher's blog. Blog's link here.

    The Visual Arts program allows all students to express their creativity through many different forms. Students visit the art room for one hour each week to work individually and with their peers. Throughout the year students will have hands on experience with art forms such as painting, printmaking, collage, working with textiles, paper mache, photography and sculpture making. As students explore and produce their artworks they will be guided to develop an understanding of line, colour, texture, form and pattern. Students also have the opportunity to engage with the artworks of others to discuss what they think about the piece and how it makes them feel. Students will explore artworks from different cultures and times including Indigenous Australian art.

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    The Music Program at Syndal South gives children a broad range of musical experiences that aims to impart a lifelong love and understanding of music in all its forms.


    Singing is a major part of the music program at Syndal South. Apart from being a staple in Classroom Music, Choir is introduced in Grades 3/4 and continues into Grades 5/6. Students are taught fundamental singing techniques including how to produce a nice tone and sing in tune. The repertoire uses a range of themes which resonate with children such as identity and the environment.


    In music children listen to a variety of musical genres, instruments, bands, orchestras among other musical ensembles. They are instructed to listen critically to identify sounds and instruments that make up music. Students also work extensively with beats and rhythms using the Kodaly philosophy as a base for rhythmic understanding.

    Playing Instruments

    The music room contains many instruments that children play over their primary school journey. An array of percussion instruments, tuned and untuned, including xylophones, glockenspiels, marimbas and one bass marimba, are often used. Grade 3/4 have descant recorder lessons, and middle and upper primary students are taught keyboard, ukulele and guitar. Also, they use GarageBand on iPads to explore electronic music and the basics of digital recording. Using this technology students compose and arrange their own songs.


    Children are given many opportunities to perform at school. The school hosts a biannual concert where all the children perform with their class. Choir classes continue into grade 5/6. Children perform at the school fete, special assemblies among other community and school events.

    At Syndal South we offer a unique and engaging Japanese program that involves experience-based language education. Students learn Hiragana (Japanese characters) through a reserved class period known as “Hiragana Time” during which student are encouraged to set individual reading, writing and speaking goals. The ICT component of the program is highly developed and involves a partnership with Panasonic where students learn about science and technology through hands-on activities. Students of the Japanese program have access to 20 iPads that offer a modern platform through which they can create and learn. We also maintain a friendship with students in Japan through frequent video conferences. Such an interaction allows for greater cultural awareness and a feeling of closeness and unity with students of the same age in a different country. Finally, the Japanese program runs weekly extra-curricular activities through a Japanese Club led by the Japanese student captains and a Taiko (drumming) Club.