Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Class Structure

As a learning community, Syndal South Primary School is committed to the provision of rich educational learning experiences which allow each student to attain their potential. The delivery of curriculum at Syndal South Primary School is currently organised using two class structure models. Foundation (formerly known as Prep) work in straight grades, whilst our Year 1 – 6 students work in composites consisting of Year 1 /2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. Both models are proven to be highly effective and able to meet the learning and social needs of students.

In 2018 there are 19 classes as follows:

  • Foundation: 3 classes
  • Year 1 /2: 5 classes
  • Year 3/4: 5 classes
  • Year 5/6: 5 classes

At Syndal South Primary, we hold high expectations for student learning and strive to offer a stimulating and engaging approach to curriculum delivery.

VIC Curriculum

Syndal South Primary School, (SSPS), offers quality learning programs aligned with Vic Curriculum Our teachers use thIS Vic Curriculum to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.

At SSPS, English and Maths are recognised as our core business, and as such are prioritised in the curriculum through dedicated minimum time blocks per week with the Vic Curriculum. Science now has a greater emphasis, and this is also reflected in our curriculum planning and delivery.

Program delivery is based on the explicit teaching of necessary skills and strategies whilst embracing the thinking curriculum through an inquiry approach. Our curriculum has been developed to cater for a wide range of needs, abilities and interests in a cooperative and stimulating learning environment that incorporates a flexible and diverse approach to teaching and learning. Differentiation is at the heart of our English and Maths programs, whilst open ended problem solving and reasoning allows us to cater for students in mixed ability groupings. ICT is a focus for SSPS and using new technologies safely and in an informed manner enhances our students’ curriculum access.

Quality specialist classes in Physical Education, Visual Art, Music, and Language (Japanese) are also part of the SSPS curriculum. Teachers maintain a detailed record of the curriculum they plan, teach and assess. Support is also provided in the areas of literacy and numeracy intervention, F-6.

Student reports are produced twice each year, (semester 1 and semester 2), with 2 formal parent/teacher meetings planned per year. The first is held in February and is a chance for parents to meet their child’s teacher and pass on any valuable information regarding their child to the teacher. This allows the teacher to better understand the learning needs of their students. The second is held after parents receive semester 1 reports. The focus of this meeting is to discuss student progress.

Students who require a more individual program to address specific learning needs, whether at the higher or lower achievement ends, are provided with Individual Learning Plans, (ILPs). Parents of students on ILPs are contacted and invited to discuss and support these plans. Such meetings are regarded outside the formal meetings outlined above.

All students, F-6, also have learning goals each semester in the areas of English and Mathematics.